"If we are about to take our climate protection goals seriously, we need a new legal framework in all areas"

Thorsten Müller, Research Director Stiftung Umweltenergierecht
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"Your contribution actively supports our research and thereby helps driving energy system transformation."

Hannah Lallathin, Coordinator Fundraising

"Our research aims at sustainable energy supply based on renewable energy"

Fabian Pause, LL.M. Eur., co-founder Stiftung Umweltenergierecht
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Investigating the legal framework of the energy system transformation

How does the legal framework need to change in order for us to be able to reach our climate protection goals? That has been and still is the question at the very core of our research, ever since we started our passionate  work back in 2011, supported by numerous partners from other economic disciplines and fields of practice. Energy system transformation can only succeed with the right legal framework, derived from and consistent with our climate protection goals.  We understand ourselves as a laboratory for the development of the future legal framework for the energy system transformation. As independent and charitable research institute we examine how the law needs to be transformed and work out/elaborate concrete and custom-fit models.  We explain complex backgrounds and interrelations and provide structure allowing to stay on top of the – often quite confusing – legal landscape. With well-founded expertise and scientific methodologies we create knowledge and new ideas for important actors in the energy system transformation.

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As diverse as the challenges of climate protection

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Our projects

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We develop answers around our core research question of the design of the future legal framework for the energy system transformation in our projects. Often together with interdisciplinary approaches and our different research partners – always rooted in legal science and with a scholarly perspective.

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