Scientific support for developing a new concept for a risk preparedness reserve [Risk Preparedness Reserve]

The energy crisis resulting from the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine and an accumulation of critical situations in and outside Germany (fuel shortages, drought, serial faults in nuclear power plants) raises the question of the future role and design of reserves in the electricity sector. This project therefore examines from a scientific perspective the extent to which the existing concept of the capacity reserve could be further developed in the direction of a risk reserve that is suitable for contributing to the prevention or management of crises in the sense of the crisis scenarios according to the EU Risk Prepardness Regulation 2019/941.

Term: September 2023 to April 2025
Project funding: Commissioned by Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz

Project partners: Consentec, r2b

Project management

Dr. Markus Kahles (Projektleitung)
Tel: +49-931-79 40 77-16

Johanna Kamm
Tel: +49-931-79 40 77-0