Julian Senders
Research Associate

Tel: +49-931-79 40 77-275
Email: senders@stiftung-umweltenergierecht.de

Julian Senders has been a researcher at Stiftung Umweltenergierecht since September 2019, focusing on Renewable Energy Law and Energy Industry Law. He is working in the project “Scenario-based analysis of the requirements of energy infrastructures within the energy transition and the impacts on their financing and planning (Energy infrastructures)” where he examines legal questions concerning the financing of grid and infrastructure expansion. Another focus of his interest lies in new forms of renewable energy direct marketing.

He studied law at the Freie Universität Berlin and the University of Glasgow (2012-2018), where he focused on competition and regulatory law. Afterwards, he worked as a research associate at the law firm GÖRG focusing on public law, especially renewable energy, environmental and planning law.

Julian Senders is currently writing his doctoral thesis in the field of European and German traffic related air quality and planning law.